ChurchBoyz Sharpen Iron

I've recently added training sessions with the  ChurchBoyz Pro sessions...and let me tell you from a grappler's perspective, it's amazing!  First, the ChurchBoyz have a storied tradition, winning numerous high school state wrestling team and individual titles, as well as creating some of the most dominating wrestlers in the country.  It began with Olympian and Hall of Fame coach John Azevedo, and Harmon took the torch and continued the tradition of excellence.

Second, many of the top Brazilians Jits and MMA fighters have found their home with the ChurchBoyz.  This includes ADDC champions and placers, former UFC champions and title contenders, and a slew of hungry future champions.  All come to do work.

Third and paramount, Harmon has created a unique environment that is the perfect blend of the grace and beauty of the Brazilian fighting arts with the hard-nosed grit of traditional wrestling.  Practices are designed to be physically and mentally challenging and will leave one with a clear understanding that they have pushed themselves.  The true beauty is the sharing of knowledge across martial styles.  The subtle nuances of optimal positions to hit and finish a take down, the weight distribution of being "heavy, and the mentality of 100% wrestling bursts are taught and practiced.  Season jits black belts openly share leverage points, positions, and finishes. 

Then what simple as it goes and conditioning!  

Nothing sharpens iron like IRON.