Metamoris 3...A Grappling Highlight!

Man, what a great afternoon of jits fights at the Peterson.  Combining my limited study of the art of Brazilian Jiujitsu with my extensive wrestling knowledge I was able to comprehend and truly appreciate the intricacies of positions and exchanges between most of the competitors.   What was undoubtedly clear was the highest level of competitors on the mat.  The deep knowledge, endurance, and will flowed right off the mat and permeated the entire venue.  The thought of going against the best in the world for 20 minutes exhausting.  No rounds, time outs, or breaks, simply submit or be submitted.  The thought of doing 20 minutes of wrestling non stop makes me cringe...that's the type of stuff that happens at Iowa and Minnesota...that's designed to break one's will.


The attacks and counters were impressive, but what really got me going was observing Rickson Gracie watching the fights.  As he sat in his chair (next to a smoking hot woman) he involuntarily  twitched and ducked as if he was on the mat.  It was exactly the same as a wrestling coach in the corner wrestling the match while yelling instruction.  Once you lived that mat experience it never leaves you.  Pretty awesome.


For those of you who don't know Rickson...he is quite possibly the greatest fighter that has ever lived and was considered the undisputed best of all of the Gracies.  All MMA and combat sports fan should give themselves 90 minutes to enjoy the documentary "Choke".  Sling it up to the TV or watch it on the tablet, but enjoy this little slice of our history.